Week 2. Stretching The Canvas – An Integral Evolutionary Context

Welcome to the second module of this course, in which we look at “context”, and especially what an integral evolutionary context offers to our engagement with parenting as a spiritual practice.  In the teaching segment we will also explore our current habitual context, as well as what choices we might make from an expanding one. If possible, print out the handout titled “Arc of Life” and have it on hand for the teaching session. This week’s practice session is devoted to taking some time to become more aware and conscious of our past: what do we bring along, what do we shake loose from, or transform?

Teaching Session (Audio 1): Context Session

Practice Session (Audio 2): Practice Session

Handout 1: Arc of Life-Journey to Wholeness (147Kb PDF)

Worksheet 1: Finding your priorities (141 Kb PDF)

Worksheet 2: Journalling Reflection (304Kb PDF)