Week 3. The “We”: We’re in this together

Welcome to the third module of this course! This week we are exploring the “We”, the relationship between parent and child. In the teaching segment we look at how we can nurture and tend to this foundational “ship” that underlies and carries us through each parenting moment. The second part of this session offers some key points when considering an integral approach to discipline. This week’s practice session shares a meditation on the We – the field between you and your child. And we have included our first bonus interview – with Dr. Gordon Neufeld who is a true gem in the realm of attachment theory and practice in a developmental context.

Teaching Session (Audio 1): The "We" Session

Practice Session (Audio 2): Practice Session

Interview (Audio 3): Gordon Neufeld Interview

Worksheet 1: Bringing together partial perspectives (364Kb PDF)

Worksheet 2: Nurturing the Relationship (355Kb PDF)

Worksheet 3: Journalling Reflections (206Kb PDF)

Handout 1: Principles of Integral Discipline (469Kb PDF)

Handout 2: Integral Discipline in Action (430Kb PDF)

Handout 3: Resources (350Kb PDF)

Handout 4: Article Excerpt: Our children make sense (325Kb PDF)