Week 4. The “You”: Discover & meet your child as fully as possible

Welcome to the fourth module of this course, in which we look at the “You”, building on last week’s topic in which we focused on the “We”, and exploring how we can meet our children as fully as possible, and in this way, help them realize their potential. In this week’s teaching session on “You” – the child, I will share with you six core practices that will help us discover, to know, and to support who they are and who they are becoming. This week’s practice session is a fun exercise to practice being present to our children, moment by moment. Also included is the second bonus interview, this one with Michael Gurian on nurturing our children’s core nature, gender differences, and the gifts of maternal and paternal energies. And the first-ever release of my 60-page article on early childhood and the four quadrants.

Teaching Session (Audio 1): The "You" Session

Practice Session (Audio 2): Practice Session

Interview (Audio 3): Michael Gurian Interview

Worksheet 1: Psychograph (262Kb PDF)

Worksheet 2: Looking through your child’s “I” (360Kb PDF)

Worksheet 3: Journalling Reflections (182Kb PDF)

Handout 1: Six Core Practices (322Kb PDF)

Handout 2: Resources (352Kb PDF)

Handout 3: Miriam Mason Martineau Article – The Four Quadrants (17.6 MB PDF)