Week 7. Dancing the Evolutionary Edge: Creative, Joyous Discovery

Welcome to the seventh module of this course! This week we explore family life and culture. This involves exploring the untapped potential that you are as a family, and welcoming the freedom to renew and to create afresh with your children. What new forms of culture might you explore in your family in order to encourage a human journey that is conducive to the evolution of the soul? The teaching session looks at gathering gems from the past, listening to the future, and creating a vision and action plan in the present. It also offers examples and ideas on the art of creating culture and meaning with our children. We will consider the skills and capacities our children may require to be ready and well-equipped to navigate and contribute to our shared future. This week’s practice session is a worksheet (rather than the usual audio recording) to guide you in deepening the reflections on weaving the gifts from your past and your inspiration from the future into a family vision and action steps to take.

Teaching Session (Audio 1): The “Evolutionary Edge” Session

Practice Session: Download Practice Session Worksheet (PDF)

Handout 1: Potential Capacities – Gordon Neufeld (294Kb PDF)

Handout 2: Evolutionary Contract Sample (228Kb PDF)

Handout 3: Resources (337Kb PDF)

Worksheet 1: Three Steps (282Kb PDF)

Worksheet 2: Capacities for the Future (301Kb PDF)

Worksheet 3: Journalling Reflections (160Kb PDF)

Article 1: Article-Excerpt: Nurturing Spiritual Development (388Kb PDF)