Week 6. The “I”: My gift and work as a parent

Welcome to the sixth module of this course! This week we explore in many ways the keystone when we consider Parenting as a Spiritual Practice, and that is the whole realm of “I” the parent — looking at our gifts, the inner work and practice. The questions of Who am I? Who am I becoming? What are my gifts, what are my growing edges, what is my work, and what practices can I engage in to dive and live more fully into this work and service as a parent…? All these questions are part of our focus this week in our quest to grow up and wake up as human beings, so that we can help our children do the same. In the practice session I offer an introductory experience of shadow work. You will find a number of handouts and resources to accompany this week’s material.

Teaching Session (Audio 1): The "I" Session

Practice Session (Audio 2): Practice Session

Handout 1: Summary of Teaching Session (445Kb PDF)

Handout 2: Summary of Shadow Process (401Kb PDF)

Handout 3: Eye Gazing Exercise Instructions (265Kb PDF)

Handout 4: Arc of Life Transcript (703Kb PDF)

Handout 5: Arc of Life-Journey to Wholeness (148Kb PDF)

Handout 6: Resources (310Kb PDF)

Worksheet 1: Psychograph (261Kb PDF)

Worksheet 2: Distinctions Between Two Selves (368Kb PDF)

Worksheet 3:Journalling Reflections (202Kb PDF)

Article 1: Susan Cook Greuter (1.2Mb PDF)

Article 2: Spiral Dynamics (1.7Mb PDF)