Week 5. Navigating the “It”: Interface with the world – My Roles as a Parent

Welcome to the fifth module of this course, in which we look at navigating the “It”, and the roles that we hold as parents at the interface between our children and the world at large. Building on last week’s of meeting and getting to know our child as fully as possible, we explore in this week’s teaching session how we can introduce them to the world in ever-widening concentric circles of exposure, adventure, and nurturing in ways that respect and support with who they truly are, what they are ready for, and with skills so that they are stimulated and discerning rather than overwhelmed, and disoriented. Our practice session is a fun exercise in editing-on-the-go in relation to our child’s readiness and our own conscious discernment. And Dr. Dan Siegel speaks about the neurological underpinnings of attentive parenting to help our children grow up whole in our third bonus interview.

Teaching Session (Audio 1): The "It" Session

Practice Session (Audio 2): Practice Session

Interview (Audio 3): Dan Siegel Interview

Handout 1: Conscious Use of Language (363Kb PDF)

Handout 2: Integration Steps (303Kb PDF)

Handout 3: Absorption & Discernment Graph (82Kb PDF)

Handout 4: Resources (365Kb PDF)

Worksheet 1: I as Model (328Kb PDF)

Worksheet 2: Roles as Parent (329Kb PDF)

Worksheet 3: Journalling Reflections (208Kb PDF)